VIDEO: Why YOU are instrumental in your joint replacement surgery

June 24, 2015 by admin

Today we are happily sharing another whiteboard video by Dr. Mike Evans, Toronto based professor, doctor and health educator extraordinaire.

Dr. Evans outlines some very practical aspects of preparing for joint surgery which encourage the patient to be at the centre of the process. The key message: all of the surgeons, nurses and practitioners that participate in your care before and after your joint surgery will be doing everything they can to support you with their skill and expertise, but ultimately you will play the instrumental role in the healing and long term functionality of your new joint.

The video points out that, in Ontario, patients are generally in and out of hospital after 4 days… sometimes sooner. This gives us bit of perspective on this major procedure. The actual surgery is a the shortest event in the whole process. It is what you do before and after your time in the hospital that will influence your outcome dramatically.

Dr. Evans introduces the idea of the new normal: Your joint has been causing you pain and therefore limiting your activity. After surgery it might be difficult to imagine doing things you had avoided to prevent pain leading up to the replacement. However, it is important to develop the physical  and mental strength before  your procedure and keep up this momentum and attitude in the days and months after surgery. More specifically, simple tasks done in advance (organizing your home for your return and having a contact list of people to call on for help) can allow you to focus on your rehabilitation as soon as you leave the hospital.

We see a lot of people at Allevio who are considering joint replacement or are working with our specialists post-operatively.  We are in the process of developing a Total Knee Program and we currently offer several therapies that address pain following joint replacement surgery. If you are a patient considering or having a joint replacement, please take time to research the conditions and treatments below, or feel free to ask your clinical team about these options. It is always important to do homework and understand what treatments may be available, and what independent reserach has shown for any treatment you may consider.

Some potential treatments may include:

Pulse Radio Frequency

Platelet Rich Plasma (see previous post)

Osteopathy (see previous post)

Chiropractic strategies including various modalities

Custom designed support bracing and orthotics, available through certified and trained experts such as Chiropractors for bracing and Chiropractors or Chiropodists for orthotics.


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