Video: How #PainKillers Work And Understanding Neuropathic Pain

June 3, 2013 by editor

This video not only explains how pain relievers work, it also gives a great account of how pain (for example neuropathic pain) occurs in the body and is interpreted by our minds. For many of us who experience headaches,acute injuries, and other aches and pains, medications like AsprinTylenol or Advil are staples for pain relief. However, few of us understand how these drugs interact with our neuro-immune system to offset our pain. What we suffer from can range from acute,  or sub acute  pain in some cases, to chronic total body pain in others. For all, understanding how neuropathic pain starts, develops and spreads  in our body is integral in understanding how to manage it best. This video will hopefully shed a little more light on how our favourite pain relievers work in our bodies to counteract pain so that we can manage our pain more effectively. All the best!


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