Latest Apollo #MedicalMarijuana Research Shows Effective Opiate Reduction

June 26, 2015 by admin

The latestĀ from the Apollo Blog outlines very interesting and encouraging interim research about chronic pain patients who are using opiates (pain killers) as their main way to manage their pain: a significant number of patients who are on addictive pain killers are reporting using less of those drugs while on the medical cannabis available through the Apollo program.

Also very interesting: a clinically significant number of their patients are offering lower numbers on pain scores, leading us to think that they are finding some relief for their pain when other types of treatments are failing.

According to a preliminary analysis of Apollo patient data, 27% lowered their use of opioid medications, which included Percocet, methadone and oxycodone. Across all patients, a significant average pain reduction score of 30% was reported.

Through the research, we are proud to present that 54% of patients showed a clinically significant reduction in pain score. Clinical significance is present when a pain score reduction of more than 30% is reached. Patients at or above this level saw an average reduction in pain score of 45%.

As a practice that is keen to see the world not just improve the way it manages pain, but better manage addictive medication, we see this as a major development for patients looking to manage pain without the challenges of high-dose narcotics.

Several Allevio physicians work closely with and are actively referring into the program.


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