#ChronicPain #Opioid Video: Best Advice for People Taking Pain Medication

October 14, 2014 by editor

Dr. Mike Evans of St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto published an extensive must-watch video for anyone taking, considering, or giving care to a patient on opioids.  The video answers a lot of questions about these type of pain-killing drugs, and the pitfalls that can be associated with treatment.

Dr. Evans mentions that before you try opioids, consider trying other methods of managing your pain. As a pain clinic in Toronto, we see a number of patients come in with chronic pain conditions who considered opioids but instead started seeing our Osteopath or Chiropractor for manual therapies, acupuncture, etc. They also discuss nerve block interventions with our Anesthesia-trained pain management physicians. For many of Allevio’s chronic pain patients, the options they discovered and improvement they say saw kept them from starting opioids in the first place.

If you have, or care for, someone with chronic pain, drugs are not the only answer. Please watch this video, post it and pass it on to those you know who have pain-related complications and may use opioids.  The background and advice in it is very worthwhile.


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