While the majority of Allevio patients are not victims of a personal injury, many of them do suffer from chronic pain and appreciate the struggle of not being taken seriously.  When a patient is in chronic pain, injured from an accident or not, the challenges they feel and the resources they need can be substantial.

This recent decision by Ontario Arbitrator Jeffrey Shapiro and argued by counsel from this law firm is an important one, as it clearly states that if an accident victim can somehow validate their claim of having chronic pain, the patient can be removed from the most basic benefits program in Ontario insurance: the Minor Injury Guideline (the “MIG”).

Why is this important?

The MIG is a program that in theory offers relatively quick and efficient access to accident benefits for victims of an insured automobile accident. The program offers $3,500 in benefits to the patients who qualify and affords them the opportunity to seek help from registered allied health professionals for their minor injury.

Until now, a diagnosis of chronic pain was not considered enough to allow patients the opportunity to access more resources to support their rehabilitation or their adapting to a new permanent impairment.


ABC News is reporting an interesting case of migraine relief where the patient now has a neurostimulator (that, as the article describes, is like a small piece of spaghetti) has helped her. After 44 drugs and years of suffering, this experiment has helped her.  The doctor who took on the challenge, Stephen D. Silberstein MD of Thomas Jefferson University, is a respected and well-published authority on the subject of migraines, particularly in women.


This article, found in the Ottawa Citizen , is the first of what we think will be many that show how the government is going to respond to the “chronic pain question”. How will government work with the communities and hospitals to deal with chronic pain?  Will they implement solutions, just assign more money, investigate without actually doing anything?

While it’s too early for us to comment on it, what is important to see and know is that after so many years of having it be ignored, media and government are finally starting to talk about it.  Increasing awareness is the first major step.


After many months of planning and working on building our online environment, we are pleased and proud to be launching our blog!

This is going to be an organic and ever-changing environment. It’s a forum for patients, chronic pain suffers, doctors, friends, family, media and politicians to come. Here, you can participate in the discussion about pain, learn about new (and traditional) treatments, see how others manage their condition, get a sense of the changing industry and political landscape, and hear from some of the world’s authorities on chronic pain about their work and experience.

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