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News: Toronto Western Physician Dr. Mohammed Shamji “Tingles The Pain Away”

This press release (excerpts are below with a bit of editing for clarity) came through the University Health Network’s (UHN) website today.  It’s very exciting to see a technology help a patient who had very severe neuropathic chronic pain. The findings and the technology are very exciting and show a lot of potential for many […]

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Long Term #Opioid Use Tied To #ED and Low Testosterone In Men

A new study recently led by Dr. Richard Deyo of the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland and published in the May 15, 2013 edition of Spine, set out to examine associations between use of medication for erectile dysfunction or testosterone replacement and use of opioid therapy, patient age, depression, and smoking status. The study concluded […]

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Is Intensity of Low Back Pain Tied To Patients’ Surgical Risk Tolerance?

This article in Pain Medicine News, from their April 2013 issue, cites the journal Spine (Spine 2013;38:140-147) in highlighting that when patients are in severe pain, they are more willing to accept the risks of surgery when they are not.  While the article does not suggest altering practice based on this study, it does mention one may […]

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Understanding Osteopathy

  Osteopathy can be defined as the interrelationship between structure and function of the body, recognizing the body’s ability to heal itself. To find out more about the Allevio Osteopath, please click here. Osteopathy Explained: The Osteopathic practice holds that the body has an innate or natural ability to balance and heal itself. The keystone […]

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Understanding Acupuncture For #Pain Relief

Some Evidence shows that, properly applied, Acupuncture can support pain relief and aid in faster healing of pain and injuries. Acupuncture’s use for certain conditions has been endorsed by the United States National Institutes of Health, the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, the World Health Organization, and the National Center for Complementary and […]

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Health Canada approves Cymbalta for the management of osteoarthritis knee pain

Eli Lilly Canada reports Cymbalta, a drug they produce, has been approved for Osteoarthritis, an arthritis affecting almost everyone 65 years of age or older. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. In fact, one in eight Canadians live with it and almost everyone over 65 years of age has OA in at least […]

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Study Confirms #Migraine Headache Patients Almost 16 Times More Likely To Have Chronic Back Pain

Pain Medicine Today reports a new study showing a clear link between people with migraine headaches and chronic back pain. Investigators analyzed information from phone and mail surveys of 18,000 people in Germany. There were 9,944 respondents, for a response rate of 55.2%. Respondents with chronic migraine were 15.8 times more likely to have frequent […]

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Why Our Parents Should Avoid Opioids As First Resort For #ChronicPain

If older pain patients take Opiodis, research shows it can dramatically alter their lives, and not necessarily for the better. The first line of treatment should be non-opioid based, in many cases. posted a great blog about it, written by Steven Reznick, MD. A 2010 research paper in the Archives of Internal Medicine looked […]

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Research On Caregivers, Patients, And Social Media Responsibility

Well things at Allevio are busy as ever as we prepare to open the Toronto Flagship location!  So much time and effort is being put into the details of construction, equipment, building the best team possible, and everything else that will go into the Allevio experience, we haven’t had time to really focus in a […]

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Is All Pain In The Brain? What We’ve Learned From Heartbreak

Next, a Toronto-based company doing some amazing work on relationships and neuroplacitity has just launched an online community for people looking to improve their relationships and better train themselves to be better partners.  Breakups are a heartbreaking, challenging, emotionally devastating and painful time. I think anyone who has ever gone through a break up with […]

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