Our Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Lehr, is at the top of his practice. Find more about him here.

While Allevio Pain Management offers Chiropractic with a specific focus on mechanical pain, Dr. Lehr actually does much more than that: He supports and aids patients with Diabetes who have Diabetic pain, he focuses on lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, foot pain, knee pain and other peripheral joint pain as well.

What is Chiropractic?

The World Health Organization defines Chiropractic as a form of manual therapy concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal  system and the effects of these disorders on general health.

More than just manual adjustments and physical movements of body parts to relieve pain, a chiropractor may be inclined to take a look at your overall health, and suggest either medical or alternative ways you may find relief and support your body in its healing.  Sometimes however, the best way for the body help itself is to adjust certain areas to ensure they align properly and are where they are supposed to be. Some, but not all, Chiropractic care involves “adjustments” and a skilled chiropractor will be very careful to ensure whatever manual therapy is being conducted, is well within the tolerance ranges of the patient’s condition and capacity.

What is Unique about Chiropractic at Allevio?

Most chiropractors tend to focus on specific mechanical issues and symptoms rather than engaging holistic  methods of healing.However many, like Dr. Michael Lehr, go beyond chiropractic training to develop other skills that complement their base training and allow them to accommodate each patient’s unique ailment. Chiropractic care at Allevio comprises more than manual adjustments. It can include:

Dr.Lehr is also an expert on orthotics, orthopedic shoes and bracing, all of which he can custom-build if need be. Also included in the scope of his practice is compression hosiery  which he uses to assist his patients suffering from various venous  disorders.

Chiropractic at Allevio is also unique because of it’s focus on both sports injury/acute pain and chronic pain.  While patients are welcome to see our medical physicians  whose treatments are covered by OHIP, they are also welcome to see any chiropractor they wish. Dr.Lehr however, works very closely with our physicians so that our medical team enjoys an unrivalled level of collaboration on patient care. The result: a patient-centric experience that is integrated and focused where the patient needs it to be.

The Chiropractic Treatment Process:

  • Understand the patients needs, concerns, and limitations in an initial consult (1 hour)
  • Assess the patient as needed, and recommend treatment plan and modalities that will best benefit each patient.
  • Treatment sessions are typically 30- 45 minutes

No referral is required and patients are welcome to call or visit our clinic to arrange an appointment.


Dr. Comfort's First Display In The Allevio Product Fitting Area
Dr. Comfort’s First Display In The Allevio Product Fitting Area

Allevio is very pleased to announce that we now offer a wide range of Dr. Comfort shoes for our diabetic and pain patients.

To learn more about the Dr. Comfort offerings and products, please click here.

Learning about, and ordering Dr. Comfort at Allevio:

  • Call the clinic to book an appointment with Dr. Michael Lehr for a discussion about your needs and to have measurements taken, ask when you come for your appointment, or drop by anytime.
  • Dr. Michael Lehr may set a time to meet you and discuss your needs and arrange an expert fitting for you.
  • With dozens of styles to choose from, footwear you can be comfortable and safe in has never been so versatile or so trendy.


Wednesday evenings starting this week, Allevio is pleased to introduce a group mindfulness
session for patients mental health, focus and balance. The sessions will be run on a trial basis by licences Social Worker, Jeff Mintz. Jeff’s bio is here.

The cost is $30, the time is 6:30 and space is limited… You do not need to be a patient of the clinic to attend, but you do need to book in advance. Please call us if you would like us to hold you a space.


We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Ramin Safakish will be joining Allevio full time in the new year.

Dr. Safakish’s website, is a great resource for all kinds of information about chronic pain procedures and information. There is also a lot of information about him and his practice.  Please feel free to check it out.

We are really pleased he has joined the Allevio team, and look forward to working with him!

If you are a patient of Dr. Safakish Coming From Toronto PolyClinic or Acheron:

Please call us to book an appointment with him if you are planning to see him, and if you need to move your chart from the PolyClinic to Allevio, please call their office directly to ask for a copy of your records.

If you have an existing appointment with Dr Safakish at the PolyClinic: Please call them to confirm the appointment. If Dr. Safakish will be at Allevio when you are supposed to see him, please call us directly to let us know the appointment time, and we will try our best to give you an appointment at Allevio on the same time and date.

If you have any questions about the move, or about what Dr. Safakish’s practice will be like with Allevio, please feel free to write us at info AT allevioclinic.com or give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions and to accommodate your coming to Allevio as best we can.


Yesterday morning the Allevio Chronic Pain team received a call from the southern US (Florida specifically) and asked if we are able to accept patients to see a specific practitioner we have at the clinic. While we know they have either seen this doctor before or were referred through a Canadian source, we are all very flattered and proud that people are willing to fly across the continent to come see us.

We have special relationships and discounts available with hotels in the area, and the ability to see out-of-province patients.  For more information about how to be seen at Allevio if you are not from Ontario, please Contact Us.


Practice standards at Allevio are among the highest in the world.  We are holding ourselves to a level of care that is internationally set and recognized by organizations around the world considered global thought and practice leaders. We do this because we understand pain management practice varies greatly depending on the standard of care practitioners follow and we want to not just give our patients the best possible care, we want to contribute to setting the benchmark that will benefit patients.

Chronic pain is one of the most mysterious and expensive areas of our healthcare system today.  According to the Canadian Pain Coalition Fact Sheet, chronic pain costs us collectively more than cancer, heart disease and HIV combined. On average, approximately 20% of Canadians suffer from forms of chronic pain.  Chronic pain is a very difficult condition to treat, because unlike a broken bone or cancer, it is often impossible to see on a test. With patient conditions and needs being so vast, and with so many different ways to treat them, developing and regulating standards for pain management continue to be a major challenges in the medical field – even in countries like Canada, where different approaches to pain management vary widely among experts.

At Allevio, we chose to ground our practice in the internationally recognized standards and collaboration of best pain practice.  Aligning with academic institutions such as teaching hospitals and universities, and inviting their practitioners to work with us, are ways to ensure the best possible care extends to our patients.  Recognition of standards by international associations means that Allevio is holding patient care to a level that is recognized by chronic pain thought leaders the world over.  We are proud to practice with this approach and invite you to contact us and learn more about it.

Similarly, we hold our allied healthcare professionals to the very highest standards within their respective scopes of practice. Allevio is proud to host some of the most talented allied professionals in their industries. Each one is a member in good standing of their respective college or association, has a special interest or focus in chronic pain management, and understands the collaborative dynamic of the Allevio clinic environment.

All patients require support and assistance to manage or recover from their condition.  With access to a suite of complementary service providers, we strive to provide an integrated care team that a patient can trust to focus on their specific needs.  For example, our electronic record system and focus on regular communication between treating providers means that allied professionals and physicians can share their assessments, diagnoses and recommended treatment plans for, and progress about their patients quickly and easily. This makes for better patient care.


The International Headache Society’s (IHS) International Classification of Headache Disorders, 2nd Edition (ICHD-II), is considered the gold standard for defining and assessing headaches. They revised the ICHD-II with this criteria for chronic Migraine:

  1. Headache (tension-type and/or migraine) on ≥15 days per month for at least 3 months*
  2. Occurring in a patient who has had at least five attacks fulfilling criteria for 1.1 Migraine without aura
  3. On ≥8 days per month for at least 3 months headache has fulfilled C1 and/or C2 below, that is, has fulfilled criteria for pain and associated symptoms of migraine without aura
    1) Has at least two of a-d
    a) unilateral location
    b) pulsating quality
    c) moderate or severe pain intensity
    d) aggravation by or causing avoidance of routine physical activity
    (e.g. walking or climbing stairs)
    and at least one of a or b
    a) nausea and/or vomiting
    b) photophobia and phonophobia
    2) Treated and relieved by triptan(s) or ergot before the expected development of C1 above
  4. No medication overuse† and not attributed to another causative disorder‡

Aside from the other important tidbits and notes that are on the definitions page, the website itself is a great resource for any patient or practitioner looking to better understand headaches or specific ways to classify them.


In May, a report published in the Journal of the International Association For The Study Of Chronic Pain showed how recreational exercise, particularly in older women, was very beneficial for the reduction of feeling Chronic Pain.

From the study’s abstract:

For those aged 20–64 years, the prevalence of chronic pain was 10–12% lower for those exercising 1–3 times a week for at least 30minutes duration or of moderate intensity, relative to those not exercising. Dependent on the load of exercise, the prevalence of chronic pain was 21–38% lower among older women who exercised, relative to those not exercising. Similar, but somewhat weaker, associations were seen for older men.

The study was led by Tormod Landmark, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, and the National Competence Centre for Complex Symptom Disorders, St Olavs University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway.

We think this research is intuitive and makes a lot of sense. However, Allevio certainly would never want any patient or reader to hurt themselves or put themselves through more pain than they need to in trying to help themselves or taking others research found here too seriously. Please use your better judgment before picking up your tennis racket or strapping on your runners!


So much of managing pain and headaches has to do with the patient and patient / doctor relationship.  It’s why medical history is so important when doctors make a diagnosis, why communication with your doctor is critical to good care, and most importantly, why a good relationship with your doctor and positive outlook on your condition typically aid in management and recovery.

What some are finding in the Medical space, however, is that there is an increasing dependence on technology and data points to replace the relationship between a doctor, their patient, and their gut instincts.

In this TED talk, Abraham Verghese describes our strange new world where patients are merely data points, and calls for a return to the traditional one-on-one physical exam.

Allevio is a pain management clinic that believes the doctor / patient relationship should be supported by technology, not replaced by it.


More than managing headaches and chronic pain, Allevio is here to help you get your life back. Our services are completely geared to offering you the best relief available.

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