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First Positive Feedback From Patient Regarding Apollo Research Medical Marijuana Clinic

Since hosting a continuing medical education seminar, some of our physicians have started to work more closely with Apollo Applied Research, and have offered the service to patients. One of these patients was recently seen in a follow up encounter, and the physician forwarded us all a small note about their findings: Dear Colleagues: I wanted […]

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Medical Marijuana Lowers Incidence of #Opioid Related Death

Marie J. Hayed, PhD, and Mark S. Brown, MD have published an article in JAMA Internal Medicine that notes as Medical Marijuana prescriptions increase in a given community, so too do opioid-related deaths decrease. (Opioids are pain killers such as Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, Percocet and Dilauded). From the UofC, Berkeley Wellness Letter, Feb 2015: …the 13 […]

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#ChronicPain #Opioid Video: Best Advice for People Taking Pain Medication

Dr. Mike Evans of St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto published an extensive must-watch video for anyone taking, considering, or giving care to a patient on opioids.  The video answers a lot of questions about these type of pain-killing drugs, and the pitfalls that can be associated with treatment. Dr. Evans mentions that before you try […]

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What is Plantar Fasciitis and why do I have it?

Plantar Fasciitis – Diagnosis and treatment Allevio Pain Management sees a number of people with a common condition called plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis has garnered quite a few nicknames (Basketball Heel, Runner’s Heel and Jogger’s Heel to name a few) and is presently becoming better known through its most famous patient: basketball-loving President of the United States, Pres. Barak Obama. But […]

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Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Now that summer is in full swing, people of all ages are coming out of hibernation and naturally becoming more active, engaging in various sports the summer months allow us to enjoy. This year, with the added fascination of the FIFA World Cup  causing mass infatuation with soccer (called football in many other parts of […]

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Pressure mounts as U.S. urges Canada to tighten rules on prescription painkillers

There has been increasing pressure on Canada from the U.S. to align their rules on prescription narcotics to help alleviate the abuse and the eventual trickle effect of contraband drugs making their way across the border. Health Canada recently released a notice of intent to change parameters for not only the highly addictive OxyContin but […]

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Opioid Painkiller Deaths Rising In Ontario

A new study revealing a major increase in deaths caused by the abuse of opioids and prescription narcotics, has been published in the Addiction journal and is also available online through the ICES Website. The researchers reviewed 5935 opioid-related deaths in Ontario between 1991 and 2010. The overall rate of opioid-related mortality increased by 242% between 1991 (12.2 […]

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Phones Upgrades In Progress

Our phone system is in the process of being upgraded, please bear with us and if you don’t reach reception or can’t leave a message, please either try again or send us an email.  info AT If you are calling for an appointment with our North York Chiropractor, North York Osteopath, North York Massage […]

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Closed Family Day – Monday, February 17th

The Allevio Chronic Pain Management Clinic in Toronto will be closed for this long weekend, including Monday, February 17th. We love our staff and their families and want to make sure they get some family time too.   If you leave us a message or send us an email, we will get back to you […]

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Dr. Irfan Dhalla On #Opioid Abuse for Pain In Ontario

An amazingly informative video prepared and submitted by St. Michael’s Hospital physician Dr. Irfan Dhalla for the FDA. In the video are some very scary statistics about Opioid misuse in Ontario. Among the statistics Dr. Dhalla points out: As many as 33% of opioid patients meet the criteria for an opioid use disorder Elderly patients […]

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