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Phones Upgrades In Progress

Our phone system is in the process of being upgraded, please bear with us and if you don’t reach reception or can’t leave a message, please either try again or send us an email.  info AT If you are calling for an appointment with our North York Chiropractor, North York Osteopath, North York Massage […]

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Closed Family Day – Monday, February 17th

The Allevio Chronic Pain Management Clinic in Toronto will be closed for this long weekend, including Monday, February 17th. We love our staff and their families and want to make sure they get some family time too.  :) If you leave us a message or send us an email, we will get back to you […]

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Dr. Irfan Dhalla On #Opioid Abuse for Pain In Ontario

An amazingly informative video prepared and submitted by St. Michael’s Hospital physician Dr. Irfan Dhalla for the FDA. In the video are some very scary statistics about Opioid misuse in Ontario. Among the statistics Dr. Dhalla points out: As many as 33% of opioid patients meet the criteria for an opioid use disorder Elderly patients […]

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Oxycontin Going Generic, Explained For The Rest Of Us

Purdue Pharma, makers of Oxycontin, are weeks away from having one of their most controversial and addictive pain killers become generic – or in other words having a formula that other drug companies can use and sell with no brand name for less. Think of it like Mr. Christie being the only baker able to […]

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Oxycontin Becoming Generic: Two Media Reports Worth Reading

There are a number of media outlets covering the story of Oxycontin and the generic formula. Two worth reading can be found through the National Post: The first is a news article, by Sharon Kirkey, and paints a very clear, balanced and detailed picture of the issue and debate. If you want to understand the […]

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Allevio After Hours

We took this photo a few weeks ago on one of the evenings before we opened. It’s been on Facebook and gotten very positive feedback, so we thought it would post it here too. The area will be used as a focused space for patients recovering from procedures, infusion therapy, and as a clinic space […]

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Why Our Parents Should Avoid Opioids As First Resort For #ChronicPain

If older pain patients take Opiodis, research shows it can dramatically alter their lives, and not necessarily for the better. The first line of treatment should be non-opioid based, in many cases. posted a great blog about it, written by Steven Reznick, MD. A 2010 research paper in the Archives of Internal Medicine looked […]

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Headaches Leading In Increased Risk of Suicide

There are some very interesting studies being published about the link between migraine headaches and increasing likelihood of suicide: From a pool of 4,765 persons randomly screened in the community (Detroit, Michigan area), the researchers arrived at a final sample of 1,186 respondents with full assessments via face-to-face interviews: 1) migraine (N = 496), 2) […]

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Why Canada Is Trying To Kill #PainKillers

Despite the makers of OxyContin saying they are doing everything they can to limit or try and prevent the abuse of their products, statistics show an exploding rate of addition to their pain killers.  To make the medication harder for addicts to abuse or concentrate, the makers of the drug have released OxyNEO (details of […]

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The US #Painkiller Crackdown: A Short History

There is an impressively comprehensive article written on the Huffington Post website titled The War Over Prescription Painkillers by Radley Balko.  Worth a read because it’s well-researched and very clear if you’re wondering how and why the situation with respect to such a massive patient population has gotten this way. He’s also done a good […]

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