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Reminder – You Can Now Use Our Pain Score Hotline

A short and friendly reminder that Allevio offers a toll-free number patients can use to dial in and securely leave their pain scores post-procedure. Our clinical team will personally process the pain scores and update your medical records within 24 hours, so your physician can track your progress. Our Pain Score Toll-Free number: 888-220-9707

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The UK #NHS List of Osteopathy Clinical Trials

For our UK readers, this is a list of active and past clinical trials of Osteopathy for different health conditions, including but not limited to low back pain, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, TMJ and migraine headaches.  This list is powered by the NHS (National Health System) and WHO (World Health Organization) International Clinical Trials […]

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Concerns at Rothbart Centre, Allevio’s Response, And What Rothbart Patients Should Do If They Are Coming To Allevio

Over the past number of weeks, the Toronto Star has published a series of videos and articles about several patients who, under the care of the Rothbart Centre, have contracted bacterial meningitis and epidural abscess, among other complications. We join our patient community, the physician community and of course our entire community in extending our deepest sympathies to the patients […]

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#ChronicPain #Opioid Video: Best Advice for People Taking Pain Medication

Dr. Mike Evans of St. Michael’s Hospital in downtown Toronto published an extensive must-watch video for anyone taking, considering, or giving care to a patient on opioids.  The video answers a lot of questions about these type of pain-killing drugs, and the pitfalls that can be associated with treatment. Dr. Evans mentions that before you try […]

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A Bit of Background On Radiculopathy

Radiculopathy is a set of conditions where a nerve does not work (and send pain signals to the brain) properly.  With this type of a condition, the problem with the nerve may be localized close to the spine, but the pain or sensation of pain can radiate from that place through the where the nerve […]

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