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Managing Your Pain In Florida This Winter

Allevio is working hard on a pilot project for Canadian patients who are 55+ years of age, managing a pain condition, and who are going to be spending a portion of their winter in Florida this year. Essentially, if you are going south this winter and choose to participate in the program, Allevio will work with you and an […]

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Important Precedent Setting Case Law On #Chronic Pain And The Ontario Minor Injury Guideline

While the majority of Allevio patients are not victims of a personal injury, many of them do suffer from chronic pain and appreciate the struggle of not being taken seriously.  When a patient is in chronic pain, injured from an accident or not, the challenges they feel and the resources they need can be substantial. […]

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New Form Of Spinal Cord Stimulation May Be More Effective For Back Pain

This article in Medical News Today cites a study published in the medical journal Anesthesiology as reporting very encouraging results for high-frequency Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) technology. The new treatment, named HF10, delivers up to delivering up to 10,000 hertz, where traditional SCS uses frequencies of 40-60 hertz. Scientists examined 171 patients with chronic back or leg pain, of […]

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Research: Non-conscious conditioning can change the way you feel pain

Exciting new research has recently emerged regarding the impact of mental imagery on reported pain levels, which could open new paths for research and treatment. For patients living with chronic pain, it’s probably old news that pain can be different on different days, during different activities, or even when a patient is in different moods. This is […]

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New advances in Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy: More relief, less side-effects

Spinal Cord Stimulation  therapy has been getting more attention as a treatment option for patients with chronic neuropathic pain. It works by delivering controlled electrical impulses to specific locations along the spinal cord which stimulate a tingling feeling. This stimulation overrides pain sensations by modifying the signals that travel along the central nervous system before […]

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