Allevio Meets The International Standard of Chronic Pain Management

Practice standards at Allevio are among the highest in the world. We are holding ourselves to a level of care that is internationally set and recognized by organizations around the world considered global thought and practice leaders such as the World Institute of Pain (WPI) and Spine Intervention Society. We do this to the best of our ability and practice reality because global benchmarks and standards have to be respected and shared for the world to improve the way it manages pain.

Chronic pain is one of the most mysterious and expensive areas of our healthcare system today.

On average, approximately 20% of Canadians suffer from forms of chronic pain. Chronic pain is a very difficult condition to treat, because unlike a broken bone or cancer, pain is often impossible to see on a test. With conditions and patient needs being complex, and with so many different ways to treat them, developing and regulating standards for pain management continues to be a major challenges in the medical field – even in countries like Canada, where different approaches to pain management vary widely among experts.

At Allevio, we chose to ground our practice in the internationally recognized standards and collaboration of best pain practice. Aligning with academic institutions such as teaching hospitals and universities, and inviting their practitioners to work with us, are ways we ensure the best possible care extends to our patients. Recognition of international association standards mean that Allevio is holding patient care to a level that is recognized by chronic pain thought leaders the world over. We are proud to practice with this approach and invite you to contact us and learn more about it.

Similarly, we hold our allied healthcare professionals to the very highest standards within their respective scopes of practice. Allevio is proud to host some of the most talented allied professionals in their industries. Each one is a member in good standing of their respective college or association, has a special interest or focus in chronic pain management, and understands the collaborative dynamic of the Allevio clinic environment.

All patients require support and assistance to manage or recover from their condition. With access to a suite of complementary service providers, we strive to provide an integrated care team that a patient can trust to focus on their specific needs. For example, our electronic record system and focus on regular communication between treating providers means that allied professionals and physicians can share their assessments, diagnoses and recommended treatment plans for, and progress about their patients quickly and easily. This makes for better, more collaborative patient care while keeping the patient from having to be the one to explain to one expert what the other said.


More than managing headaches and chronic pain, Allevio is here to help you get your life back. Our services are completely geared to offering you the best relief available.

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