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The Allevio Pain Management Clinic

The Allevio clinic treats chronic pain conditions by combining different approaches to managing pain in a safe and effective way for you, the patient. We look at everyone as a whole person, and do everything we can, to give you the care you need and deserve.
Our practitioners have some of the most advanced medical equipment in the field; this enables them to help you. They can choose the best fit for you, and will recommend what is most likely to help you, based on international standards and what clinical evidence shows to have helped others with conditions like yours.

We pride ourselves on trying to keep you out of the clinic, not bringing you back often for treatments. Pain is a challenging condition, and what we do is try to figure out what is most likely to help you, and then if it makes sense, we do it with you, with your consent. Sometimes, we suggest approaches that are new to us and for which the evidence is not as substantial, but only if other options are not successful and only with your consent.

What Is “Chronic” Pain?

Chronic pain is pain that has lasted for longer than 3-6 months. After that amount of time, the brain becomes used to receiving the feeling of pain from the nerves that are affected. The brain sends signals to the nerves, and when the nerves respond, the feeling is internalized. With chronic pain, the feeling is constant so the brain becomes used to having it there. This can make it challenging to get the brain to stop feeling the pain – even when the pain itself is gone.
Chronic Pain can be caused by any number of things and is associated with a poorer quality of life when compared to other chronic diseases such as lung disease. From a “bad back” that throbs constantly or when you sit too long, to a shoulder that feels like pins or burning when it’s moved a certain way… From a neck pinch or terrible pain you have had for years to a number of places that all hurt at different times for different reasons… chronic pain affects people in different ways.

Is Allevio Right For You?

At Allevio Pain Management our practice is focused on a wide variety of pain conditions with special expertise in: back pain, sciatica, neck pain, neuropathic (hyper-sensitive) pain and headaches. We focus on these areas because our treating physicians are all Royal College anesthesiologists who have spent years concentrating on, researching and practicing treatments for these types of pains based on scientific evidence. At Allevio, procedures and treatments rely mostly on different kinds of injections and require the skills of an anesthesiologist who has pain management experience.
We also treat acute pain, including pain caused by surgery, recent fractures (broken bones) and sports injuries. Typically, they are managed by our Chiropractic and Osteopathic clinicians.

While all practitioners at Allevio Pain Management are registered with their relevant governing body, such as the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, not all services are covered under OHIP. Some require third party payment (that is, private insurance coverage or the patient paying for services). We will always inform you ahead of treatments about any costs and available insurance coverage. You will always have the option to seek treatment elsewhere.

Who Should I See First? How Do I Book An Appointment?

Who you should see first depends on what type of pain you have, and what you and your primary care lead or family doctor feel is causing your pain. If you know that you would prefer to consult first with a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Osteopath, or Social Worker (for counselling and support) you are welcome to schedule an appointment directly with them – no referral is needed.

To see any of our OHIP Physicians, we require you to have a referral form completed by your family doctor or referring physician. Please download a copy of our referral form from our Referrals Section, and ask your doctor to complete the form and send it to us.
Before your initial consultation, we will also ask that you complete the Pre-Consult Questionnaire, also available in the Referrals Section of our site.
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Allevio Referral Forms



What Should I Bring With Me?

To ensure we can give you the best experience possible when visiting the clinic we recommend you to consider the following.


A list of all current medications and doses

Please bring along a list of all prescriptions, medications and your current doses.

A list of questions or thoughts about your condition

Anything a physician may be interested in knowing or that you want to make sure you remember to ask.

Bring along a family member or caregiver

We strongly recommend that you bring along a family member or caregiver who can help you hear the answers to your questions, ask questions you may not have thought of, and most importantly, give you a ride home after a procedure.

All images/image files of CTs and MRIs taken

In addition, any other data or tests that may not have been sent with your referral form.


More than managing headaches and chronic pain, Allevio is here to help you get your life back. Our services are completely geared to offering you the best relief available.

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